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In 2010, DNK-TV company executed a project for the technical equipping of the Tengri FM radio broadcasting complex.

Tengri FM radio station is part of the Alash Media Group media holding and is the largest radio station in the Central Asia region specializing in rock music.

The broadcasting coverage in the Republic of Kazakhstan spans 18 regional centers, including all major highways and resort areas.


The radio station's broadcasting grid consists entirely of in-house produced content.

The schedule includes live coverage from events, emergency news releases, authorial programs, and much more. Broadcasting is carried out 24/7/365. The entire program preparation process is automated, thanks to the use of Synadyn software.

The radio station's hardware and studio complex consist of a central hardware unit, a studio hardware block, editing hardware, an air planning center, a news reception and preparation unit, as well as office and administrative premises.

The hardware-studio block includes a broadcasting studio, a speech studio, and an audio recording studio. The broadcasting studio features equipped workstations for four individuals - a host, a sound engineer, and invited guests or co-hosts. The workstations are equipped with special D&R SiCo Remote MKIII units for microphone and headphone volume control. This system is integrated with the D&R Airlab audio mixer.

The second mixer panel, D&R Airlab, is located in the audio recording studio and, alongside basic functions such as recording and mixing, serves as a backup for the broadcasting studio.

The speech studio comprises five workstations and is used for live broadcasts as well as audio content recording. At the time of launch, the speech studio was the only one in Kazakhstan capable of quickly changing configurations for recording or broadcasting concerts of invited musical groups.

2015-05-25 09-30-56.JPG
2015-05-25 09-30-56.JPG

Signal processing and delivery to the satellite occur in the central hardware room. Here, all studios are interconnected.

Thanks to the flexible signal routing configuration, the broadcasting and audio recording hardware can operate interchangeably. For example, they can work simultaneously with the speech studio independently of each other or even generate two different programs.

As a result of the project, Tengri FM received a fully operational radio complex that meets modern requirements for audio content production. DNK-TV specialists managed to provide optimal solutions within the client's budget constraints.


  • Cinegy Air Pro automation system;

  • Cinegy broadcast servers;

  • Imagine Communications Panacea matrix switcher (for servicing the broadcast hardware);

  • Imagine Communications Selenio 6800+ modular platform (multiviewer);

  • Cinegy data storage servers;

  • Digitization stations;

  • NLE (Non-Linear Editing) stations;

  • Teleprompter;

  • Titling station;

  • Monitoring displays;

  • Harris Icon Master broadcast video mixer;

  • Les DG-116b sync generator.

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